Backup, Recovery, and Data Protection

Protect your data with a complete backup strategy to keep your information secure wherever it resides. Our IT specialists will recommend and implement the best data backup and recovery solution for your business. We provide ongoing monitoring and testing to ensure your data is secure.

Avoid Costly Data Loss with a Disaster Recovery Plan

96% of companies with a trusted backup and disaster recovery plan were able to survive ransomware attacks

50% of companies experienced downtime in the past five years that lasted longer than a full business day

61% of IT leaders reported moving their firm’s computing to the cloud as part of cost-cutting initiatives

 93% of companies who suffer a data security disaster without a plan in place are out of business within the year

How Do We Ensure Your Data is Truly Safe?

Backup & Recovery

Having solid backup and recovery solutions is a key element of a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). Redundant backups of your data will safeguard your business against catastrophes like a hard drive or server crash, accidental or intentional deletion, ransomware, or natural disasters. Your data should be backed up in multiple secure places. The process should support quick restores of individual files, or a complete restore of full data sets, databases, or servers.

Cloud Backups

A comprehensive backup and recovery plan should include both local (on-premises) backups and simultaneous backups to a secure and expandable cloud repository. Our solutions can perform backups nightly or be configured for almost real-time backups of changed data. We recommend affordable, secure solutions that provide solid data restoration tools. Cloud solutions allow you to access and restore data anywhere in the world to minimize downtime and keep your business running.

Additional Safeguards

A data recovery plan is only as good as its security measures and testing practices. Our IT Specialists don’t wait for a catastrophe to assess how backups are working, and our monitoring systems alert us when a backup fails. Cloud to Cloud backups provide an extra layer of redundancy in backing up mission-critical data in applications such as Microsoft 365 email, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. We’re confident in the cloud providers we work with, but the cost of additional backup layers is minimal for the added comfort it provides.

Tools of the Trade

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