Technology Consulting

Many IT initiatives require more than just technical know-how– they require a solid understanding of business goals. Our team of senior consultants are former CIOs, CTOs, implementation specialists, and developers from major software companies. They have a unique blend of business acumen and technical expertise to help your company with strategic IT planning and mission-critical projects.


Having a senior-level Chief Information Officer (CIO) or IT Director on staff is not always possible. A Brave River CIO-To-Go can help establish an IT strategy to meet your business goals and manage mission-critical IT initiatives. Our consultant can become a permanent member of your team or join in an interim capacity. Utilizing a Brave River Virtual CIO (vCIO) is an affordable way to access expert IT knowledge to ensure that your business is utilizing technology for security, efficiency, and profitability.

Business Process & System Reviews

A Business Process / System Review is like a health check of your IT Systems and related business processes. Are you an early-stage company that needs to transition from spreadsheets and disparate software to your first enterprise system? Perhaps you are an organization that has evolved and grown over the years and are wondering if your systems and processes are still working efficiently. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can provide the most accurate view of an organization. Our Consulting team can help to objectively review all or targeted areas of your business processes and IT systems.

Software Selection

Our team takes the risk out of a Software Selection process. By following a tried-and-true methodology, we will guide your company through the entire process – from requirements definition, through vendor identification, software evaluation, and due diligence. Choosing the right software system is a major decision and investment. Whether you need a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or a targeted application such as CRM or Accounting Software, following the appropriate process and having the right partner is critical.

How Brave River Outperforms the Rest

Business Knowledge

Managing strategic IT projects requires a high-level of both business and technical capabilities. Our Senior IT consultants have real-world experience in managing IT departments & software companies, and can guide your team on mission-critical projects or provide periodic support and consulting.

Repeatable Methodologies

As part of a Software Selection or Business Process Review engagement, our team utilizes a methodology honed over the last 18 years. From gathering business requirements to evaluating potential software vendors, our approach is tried-and-true, and the best way to ensure project success.

Clear And Concise Communication

Our Technical consultants are adept at working with all members of your team. We will engage with your departmental subject-matter experts (SMEs) to understand your business needs at a detailed level, and will be equally prepared to review findings and recommendations with your executive team.

Objective External Resources

One of the greatest values our team provides is a fresh set of eyes to your business needs and challenges. In addition, we do not represent any ERP, CRM, or other software products. By combining this independence with our thorough evaluation process, you can be sure we have only your best interests in mind.

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