Brave River Solutions Launches Desktop Version of Mobeo™ Directory Product


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Rhode Island application development company introduces the desktop companion to their customizable web-based mobile directory app product, Mobeo™.


Mobeo Directory Mobile AppWarwick, RI - May 13, 2013 - Brave River Solutions, one of Rhode Island’s leading web development companies, has created a desktop version of their award-winning Mobeo™ mobile directory app. Mobeo is a geo-location enabled, web-based application, which serves as a directory of local points of interest (such as sightseeing spots, dining venues, and shops) and uses geolocation to provide users with a list of the closet locations meeting their search criteria.

Mobeo is most commonly used by travel & tourism organizations to help area visitors make the most of their vacation. Now that it is available in a desktop version, it can be used as a planning tool; travelers can research hotels, things to do or see, and local restaurants in advance of their vacation, from their home PC.

The desktop companion to the mobile app was recently launched for Rhode Island Monthly, who collaborated with Brave River on the design. The application, the Insider’s Guide to RI, now allows users to locate the best spots in Rhode Island from their desktop or laptop computer, as well as via mobile phone or tablet. Speaking about the mobile app, Kieran Keating, Associate Publisher/Sales at Rhode Island Monthly, said, “the Mobeo [mobile] app…helped us to increase advertising revenues for our Insider’s Guide title.” With the release of the desktop version, that increase can be expected to grow.

Mobeo provides a ready-to-go framework that can be customized for each organization through the selection of varying menu styles, background themes, and layouts. As it’s web-based, the app offers companies an opportunity to quickly launch an application for all devices without the added costs of developing an app for each operating system.

“Developing native apps for multiple platforms can be time-consuming and costly, with Apple, Android, and Windows requiring different technologies,” says Jim McAssey, Vice President at Brave River Solutions. “Our original release of Mobeo solved that problem, and now that Mobeo can be built for both mobile and traditional web access, it expands the accessibility and functionality for all stages of travel.”

Tourism and regional publications will have an opportunity to see both the original Mobeo application and its desktop companion at the upcoming City and Regional Magazine Association (CRMA) Annual Conference, to be held May 18-20 in Atlanta, GA. Attendees should stop by Brave River’s booth to request a demo.

As Mobeo is completely customizable, it can be used in any industry where geolocation or directory services are used – such as hotel or restaurant chains, chambers of commerce, tourism organizations, and niche publications. It renders perfectly on all operating systems, devices, and screen sizes without requiring any additional programming. Custom functionality can also be added to the product, making the possibilities unlimited.

Standard Mobeo features include:

  • Geolocation functionality, allowing users to find nearby listings
  • The ability to include coupons/deals
  • Ability to highlight featured listings
  • Tap-to-call and tap-to-email functionality
  • One-touch map and directions
  • Featured listing areas for advertisements
  • Video and photo integration
  • Digital menus
  • Social media integration
  • QR code generator
  • Cross-platform compatibility

Screen shots and additional information about the Mobeo web app are also available on our website. Please contact Brave River at 1-888-828-8911 or info@braveriver.com to receive a product demonstration or to learn more.


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