Data Bridge - Custom ETL Software

About Brave River's ETL Software

Data Bridge is Brave River’s ETL software (Extract, Transform, and Load) application that allows users to extract data from a source, then re-format and process that data before uploading it to the destination file. The Data Bridge's multi-step processing of data eliminates the added expense and errors associated with manual data entry.

While ordinary ETL tools simply collect, format and deliver data, the Data Bridge also allows you to process and store that data, performing any number of transactions before loading. An unlimited number of transformation stages can be applied; resulting in perfectly formatted data throughout the entire ETL process.

What DataBridge Does

  • Streamline payment processing and invoice filing
  • Rearrange data to simplify reporting
  • Share information with other agencies in their required format
  • Convert lead information from databases into a format that can easily merge with existing lists
  • Help your company with any ETL need you may have. The possibilities are endless!

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