Ecommerce Marketing Tips for This Holiday Season

How to Maximize Your Companies Digital Holiday Marketing Strategy

Why not strive to increase traffic and boost visibility on your ecommerce website from Hanukkah, to Kwanzaa, and even through Christmas?

This holiday season, prepare your business for shoppers celebrating across the nation.

We have outlined the top focus points to incorporate into your marketing strategy during the hottest shopping period of the year—including SEO, social media, and website enhancements.

Here’s what you need to consider:

Product Descriptions

Tailor your product descriptions per item. Making sure that the user is going to have a clear understanding of the item before clicking on it will not only impact click-through-rates but will allow for your products to be found more easily via organic searches. Product descriptions can include an H1, bullet points, a short or long description on-page, and image alt tags that thoroughly contribute to the overall explanation of your item. Think about who your customers actually are—how are they are searching for your products, and which products specifically might they be looking for during this season?

Title Tags and Meta-Descriptions

Capture your buyer’s attention before someone else does! Title tags and meta-descriptions are your chance to shine and showcase why your product is better than competitors as shoppers scroll through the Google SERP (search engine results page).

Website Load Times

Folks don’t want to wait around to shop. Running a website speed test before the holidays go into full swing may help you keep customers shopping, rather than jumping off of your site to go to a competitor due to slow loading speeds. Every second counts and can make or break you gaining a sale.

Multi-device Compatibility

With mobile devices sweeping the nation in popularity, ensuring that your e-commerce website has multi-device functionality is critical during the holidays. Shopping on the go is a common trend, so don’t miss out on the opportunities that may come through mobile shopping.

Social Media Posts and Advertising

If you’re going to keep up on social media at any point during the year, let it at least be during the holiday season. Answer questions about your products, share coupons or special promotions, host a giveaway, share your love for your following, and most importantly—ENGAGE! After all, the holidays are for showing you care, and aren’t just about the gifts! Consider creating custom themed content for added engagement.

Images and Video

What better way to connect with your following than with custom imagery and videos? You don’t have to be a tech guru to do it either. With helpful tools like Adobe Spark or Canva, they organize a variety of user-friendly tools for you to create beautiful images with graphics, text, and more! Especially during the holidays, online programs such as these offer seasonal designs to help you promote your business, products, or services.

PPC Campaign

Running a campaign or promotion that you want to get the word out about fast? Crafting a PPC ad campaign can help you connect with your target audience quicker based on the products and services you want to boost visibility for this holiday season.


Let your clients, customers, and contacts know that you value them. From crafting holiday e-mails that share important promotional info, or simply showcasing your admiration and spreading a little love to your valued following. Don’t forget to consider inclusiveness when crafting your content. E-mails, display ads, text ads, re-marketing, and even live chat are all avenues in which you can add a touch of personality to show folks you care.

Meet with a Marketing Expert

Need a little extra help this season? You’ve come to the right place. With the help of Brave River, our Marketing Specialists can implement a marketing plan to help you boost your presence on Social Media, and optimize your website. We’re only a phone call away – 401-828-6611

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