Metro Medical ERP Selection


Metro Medical, a pharmaceutical and medical supply company, needed assistance selecting and implementing an ERP system. They required involvement in the selection process and throughout implementation with a partner dedicated to developing an extensive understanding of the system’s application to their business.


Brave River Solutions developed an extensive understanding of Metro Medical’s business processes, assessing and analyzing their current workflow and identifying problem areas in the existing systems. Brave River then turned their assessment into an RFP and assisted Metro Medical in selecting the right ERP vendor. At the time of implementation, Brave River remained a crucial partner, filling the role of project manager and leading the data conversion while identifying and assigning tasks for successful completion of the implementation.


The team at Metro Medical was happy to now have an ERP system that would begin to streamline their daily processes each day. Overall, the selection and implementation of the ERP system resulted in more efficient business processes and organization throughout the company. Due to the increased efficiency, Metro Medical was able to further expand their business during the implementation process and continue to do so.

About the Company

Metro Medical was founded in 1984 with the purpose of providing quality medical products to alternate site customers. What began as a small pharmacy in the heart of Nashville has grown into one of the largest privately owned pharmaceutical and medical supply companies in the United States.

“Brave River spent a lot of time getting to know our current processes as well as our goals for a new ERP system. They were then able to take this knowledge and help us not only choose the best system, but to implement it as well.”

Kent Nagel, Vice President, Operations, Metro Medical

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