Mobile-First Indexing Has Arrived

Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for—Google’s Mobile-First Index has finally arrived!

What is the Mobile-First Index?

After plenty of experimentation and testing, Google will now be using the mobile versions of sites/web pages for indexing and ranking, to better help – primarily mobile – users find what they're looking for.

Google has traditionally indexed the desktop versions of sites for ranking, regardless of if the mobile version was adequate for viewers.

In a world with a high volume of mobile users, Google seeks to make for an overall better search experience for all devices through the implementation of this mobile-first index.

How to Prepare for Mobile-First Indexing

You’re probably wondering now, how can I prepare for this new style of ranking? Don’t worry, there are a variety of ways you can enhance the mobile experience throughout your web pages.

  • Responsive Website Design – Make sure that your content flows nicely. With a responsive site design, the organization of the content on your pages should fluidly adapt to whatever device you are using (whether you are browsing on desktop or mobile). Mobile
  • Faster Site Speed – A faster mobile site will keep your audience pleased (and Google). Speak with a web design specialist or consider making your site into an AMP site. Removing excess applications or content on your page can also help speed things up.
  • Content Optimized for Mobile – Your content is for your audience, make it appropriate for them to view on mobile. Consider your audience’s preferences and viewing habits when compiling content on your pages. Something as simple as creating short, yet strong headings could make a difference for your viewers.

The goal of this Google update is to cater to the needs of mobile users, not to penalize your website.

This is an opportunity to really delve into the needs of your audience to make the experience on your site a memorable one.

When moving forward, it is important to always keep your audience in mind even more so than before; organizing your web pages in a clean, easy to read manner is just as important as providing quality content.

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