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Anyone with a busy family knows that using a calendar is essential to ensuring that everyone makes it to scheduled appointments and events. While the old fashioned method of writing on a calendar on the wall can be useful, the majority of us now carry smartphones. If you're not already on board, you can easily have up-to-date information at your finger-tips wherever you are, at any time.

Calendar Sharing

Calendar sharing can go beyond coordinating household chores and personal activities or appointments within the family.  It can help you to better balance work and family obligations. That way, you can know at a glance if the day you need to be in the office for an early meeting conflicts with your daughter's school field trip drop-off time.In the workplace, a shared calendar allows collaboration and teamwork to go more smoothly when it comes to scheduling meetings and coordinating efforts -- especially for project management. Rather than checking with each person individually when planning a meeting, you can take a look at everyone's schedules to suggest a time when you know there are no conflicts. You can assign duties of an ongoing project, and share your calendar with co-workers, project team members, and even clients if they would like to monitor the progress of their project.

By allowing others to post to your calendar, you will save time and avoid duplicated efforts. There's no worry about sharing personal information, as you can adjust access levels within your calendar settings.  If you don't want others to view the details of your time blocks and appointments, they will only see if you are available or busy. Since shared calendars are web-based, they can be accessed and updated from anywhere, dependent only on an internet connection. Additionally, one of the most valuable features of web-based calendars is alerts. You can set reminders to alert you to an upcoming event minutes, hours or even days beforehand.

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All in all, calendar sharing can help to alleviate stress, keep everyone on the same page, and reduce the chances of missed appointments. If you're wondering how to get started, the Brave River team can help you with your sharing capabilities.

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