The staff of brave river solutions celebrate at a company bowling outing.

Brave River Solutions

PBN Best Places to Work 2020
SMALL COMPANIES 13. Brave River Solutions Inc.
Employees in R.I.: 28
President Jim McAssey
Questions answered by: Jim McAssey

What support programs has your company offered employees to help cope with the COVID-19 pandemic? To maintain safety for everyone, and to enable flexibility for employees who have children at home, we have been working from home since March 13. For those employees who have jobs that require some time in the office, we have strict screening protocols, and schedules to maintain social distancing and stable groups.

What modifications have you made to your workplace to support employee wellness? We have improved the ergonomics of our workspaces, including offering stand-up desks. We encourage everyone to take breaks, including lunchtime group walks and Wednesday yoga sessions.

How do you support community service work by your employees? Brave River sponsors a number of charitable causes and events each year, and [we] are most proud of our annual campaign with the United Way of Rhode Island. We encourage our employees to tell us about the causes and charities that are important to them so that we may spread the word.

Pbn best placed to work 2020

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