PBN Best Places to Work 2024 Awards – 5X Winners – BRS Brave River Solutions

BRS setting sail
BRS setting sail

Brave River Solutions Inc.

By PBN Staff 06/07/2024 - first published by Providence Business News

Best Places to Work 2024 Awards

SMALL COMPANIES #5. Brave River Solutions Inc.
Employees in R.I.: 39
President: James McAssey
Questions answered by James McAssey

12 brave river solutions


How has your company adapted programs and services in response to challenges such as workforce shortages and staff burnout? Work-life balance is very important. We have a hybrid work schedule where we are in the office two days per week. We bring in lunch once per week, stock the kitchen with snacks and try to keep the environment fun while still maintaining professionalism.

How would you describe the culture of your workplace? We have an open-door policy and embrace suggestions and new ideas. We have genuinely improved our processes and the quality of our services thanks to the input, feedback and brainstorming with both employees and clients.

Do you have a preference for promoting existing staff or hiring from outside and why? Having been in business for 24 years, we have employees who have grown tremendously during their tenure with Brave River and are now part of our management and leadership teams. So, promoting from within has worked well for us and our employees. However, we also recognize the value of hiring people with different experiences to help us improve and evolve as a company.

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