Reaching Prospects Beyond Your Website


With your website as your central point of business online, think of your email marketing efforts and social media pages as virtual satellite offices. It is important that content extending beyond your website pages is consistent in branding and voice, and that the messages put out through these avenues support how you want your company to be perceived.

E-Mail Newsletters

When you send out email newsletters, always include back links to your website. Social media updates can also promote website visits. One technique designed for this purpose is to post an excerpt, linking to your website to view the full article. If your blog exists outside of your primary website, you can use this same technique to funnel traffic as well.

Special Promotions

Another way to expand your website audience is to make downloads of coupons, special offers or free informational documents available on your website. Ask social followers to subscribe to your e-newsletter, invite those on your email list to follow your brand on social media, etc. Connect the dots to maximize reasons to maintain communication, as promotional efforts can work both on and beyond your website. 

Marketing Strategy

Utilizing a Marketing Editorial calendar can be an great asset when developing your overall strategy. Planning and organization is your road map to success when it comes to developing a meaningful strategy for attracting, converting, and retaining customers. Outlining what content will be published, where, and by whom, ensures that you have all bases covered, warding off missed opportunities.


People follow brands in social media and allow future emails, not because they want to know about how great your products and services are -- they're looking for something useful. It seems to reason that to make it all work, your published content must offer value. Avoid the hard sell, and share information that is helpful, informative, or entertaining. Experiment and take note of what kinds of content your audience best responds to. Dialing in with the right approach will arm your brand with the necessary tools to attract and retain more fans and followers.

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