Top Priorities for a Fine Tuned Website

Resolutions are common practice at the beginning of a new year. For businesses with an eye towards ongoing prosperity, it's a healthy practice to clarify purposes and set goals for any project worth taking on at any time of year. This includes regularly assessing your website. It makes sense to monitor your website's performance and set goals periodically. After all, your website is a 24/7 window of opportunity when it comes growing your business.

A business's website should not be something you invest in with great focus during initial development and then consider it "done." Just as any business naturally experiences ebbs and flows over time, objectives and challenges for your website can change too. Maximizing the effectiveness of your website should be a continual process.

Three important points to address for your Website now for 2014:

  1. Be Responsive - With up to 70 percent of Internet users accessing the Web with a smartphone or tablet, ensuring that your site design is clean and easily readable on various screen displays should be a top priority. A responsive design approach allows page content to adjust to various screen sizes, eliminating the need to pinch or expand content to be readable. When it comes to being competitive online, ease-of-use is hugely important. Keep your layout clean and simple in design. According to forbes.com, "If you've ignored previous warnings and your business isn't taking advantage of responsive design right now or planning to in the very near future, you are in danger of going out of business in 2014."
  2. Content is King - Make sure your website pages are Search Engine optimized. Research keyword phrases related to your product or services, and keep the subject matter on each page on topic. Have a purpose in mind and build content to support that purpose. Pay attention to page titles and Metatags. This background coding tells the search engines what your website is about. Each page should have unique content and tags. Don't repeat the same tags on all pages. Additionally, carefully consider implementing content on your website that can be repurposed in social media & email campaigns.
  3. Call-to-Action - Make sure you have a clear call-to-action in place on each page. Indicate what you want your website visitor to do next -- "Call Now", Download a Free Whitepaper", Contact Us", etc. Most importantly, ensure that your contact information is readily available on all pages. At the top or bottom of every page is ideal. Providing multiple methods of contact if possible, such as phone, live chat, contact form, email, etc. offers options for whatever method is most comfortable for your prospect.

Looking for more help?

These are just a few areas to consider when assessing your website's performance. Investing in resources to keep your website working its hardest for you will pay off with more leads and increased business. Brave River specializes in helping our customers effectively communicate their message to online readers. We offer web design and marketing, IT support and technology consulting to help your business succeed. Contact us today for a free website assessment at 401-828-6611, we look forward to hearing from you.

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