Using UTM Parameters for Marketing Campaigns


Utm parameters

How are you measuring your online marketing efforts? Whether you might be working e-mail drip campaigns, or social media advertising, it is important to ensure that your initiatives are not going unnoticed.

Integrating UTM parameters within campaigns will transform your marketing data, and help provide you with a more succinct and comprehensive set of analytics for you to both view and further understand the overall performance to better craft campaigns in the future.

What is a UTM parameter?

UTM parameters allow marketers to track and monitor campaign performance, simply by connecting a tag within a URL that then sends critical data for Google Analytics to process (and of course, display to you).

Why should I use a UTM parameter?

If you are running a marketing campaign, you should be using UTM parameters. When applying UTM parameters to campaigns, you can then begin to view and attribute specific data to the source of your marketing ad/e-mail/etc. 

How do I generate a UTM parameter?

Generating a UTM parameter is really quite easy. The best tool you can use to do this is the Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder. With this tool, it shows you step by step, and field by field, exactly what information is needed to craft a UTM parameter for the marketing campaign at hand.

First, you begin by inputting the URL of your website.


Next, you input the source of your campaign. AKA, where your campaign will be running through.


Both of the previous fields are the only fields that are required. However, filling out the following fields can only help you when moving forward with future marketing initiatives. Inputting information about the medium, the duration, and the content of the campaign will provide great insight when crafting your next campaigns.


Maybe, based on the data from this campaign, you find that you should have ran it for much longer. Or, perhaps, the medium used wasn’t the best for communicating the type of content you planned to deliver to a specific audience. These tidbits of information are integral in creating a well-informed decision-making process for future marketing campaigns.

How to track marketing campaigns with URL Builder?

See the video below for a visual, step-by-step process on how to utilize the URL Builder tool to its full capacity, in conjunction with Google Analytics.

How do I find data for my campaigns in Google Analytics?


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