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Modern, powerful, and effective mobile applications are now a necessity for businesses to thrive. Our team of developers have experience constructing apps that serve as incredible marketing and communications tools, drive sales, and provide businesses with invaluable analytics.

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Why Do I Need A Mobile Application?

  • 258 Billion

    apps expected to be downloaded
    by consumers in 2022

  • $188.9 Billion

    in revenue expected to be
    generated by mobile apps in 2020

  • 87%

    of time smartphone users
    spend on apps versus mobile sites

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Mobile App?

Direct Communication

Having a mobile application gives you the unique ability to communicate directly to your customer. Using push notifications and/or tailored content you can put the information you want people to see right in their pockets.

Improve Customer Service

Apps don't just offer one-way communication. They also give your customers a quick and easy way to provide their feedback, which you can then use to further improve your business.


Analytics are key to helping your business grow. Mobile applications provide you with invaluable information about your customers behavior, from how they're engaging with your app, to where they use your app, and even average sale per session.


Because mobile apps provide such detailed analytics, you can geotarget with extreme accuracy. That way you can promote certain products or services within a given area.

ASO (App Store Optimization)

Don't think any time spent developing content for your mobile app will be wasted. Google now ranks mobile application content so it will have a direct effect on your ASO ranking.

The Brave River Blueprint

  • Design

    We first take time to learn your objectives. Then, our experienced designers will define your app’s functionality, navigational flow, and overall look and feel.

  • Develop

    Once we have a development blueprint based on your business objectives, the plans are handed over to our programmers. It’s their job to bring the concept to life.

  • Test

    Our custom programming methodology consists of rigorous testing at key milestones. Quality assurance is a priority throughout the entirety of the process. Our expert analysts and your team will preview and test the mobile app as it’s developed to ensure it’s up to your standards prior to launch..

  • Implement

    Through thoughtful planning and execution, our team will ensure that your new application is rolled out as smoothly as possible. We will provide training for your employees prior to launch, and also provide any documentation necessary to help your customers navigate the app.

  • Support

    Our role as a custom application development partner continues well after your launch date. We offer support packages with annual enhancements and upgrades, or we can provide additional programming on an as needed basis. Regardless of the approach to future enhancements, the Brave River team is here.

Tools of the Trade

  • Dart
  • Flutter
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