10 Google Updates to Keep on your Radar

Google is constantly adjusting their algorithms to enhance their site. So much so that you may missed some of their recent updates. These updates should definitely be on your radar if your business is currently utilizing any of Google’s services or focusing your SEO towards Google’s search engine. Some updates were larger than others, but are meaningful regardless.

16-Month Performance Analysis in Search Console

Screen-grab of the page speed insights tool on google

Google’s Search Console has offered a measly 3-month analysis of your website or webpage’s performance. You will soon be able to refer to a larger range of data when comparing current data analyses.

Additionally, Google will be offering a new Index Coverage Report which will provide you with insight about indexing issues that you have the opportunity to segment. This will be entirely beneficial as businesses will be made aware of which pages have problems with indexation via the Issue Tracking Feature.

Real-world Data in PageSpeed Insights Tool

Google announced that they will soon be incorporating real-world data into the PageSpeed Insights Tool. If you didn’t already know, this tool offers insight as to how long it takes for a URL to load. However, it has never provided actual user loading time. This update is especially important, as speed is soon to become a factor in Google’s ranking system.

Meta-Description Character Count Increase

If you haven’t already seen our blog post about the new character count increase for meta-descriptions, you’ll sure want to give it a look for more information.

This update more than doubled the meta-description character count from to 160 to 320. Businesses now have the opportunity to offer more information in their webpage’s listings. Taking advantage of this update will benefit your page as it will bump your competitors down in the SERP, or search engine results page.

Custom Intent Audiences in Adwords

Google introduced a new function within the Google Display Network, a sector of Adwords. The function allows users to more specifically segment their target audience. Segmentation can occur based on your desired keyword or area of interest. You can find the steps to take this below.

Screen-grab of google's instructions to segment your audiences on adwords

Rich Results within Google Testing Tool

Since businesses can now enhance the snippet of their webpage that shows within a SERP, Google has added a new function to their testing tool, which is currently still in beta testing. The new testing tool allows businesses to input their webpage’s URLs to understand if it can present a rich snippet in a SERP.

Screen-grab of the google rich results toolbar


Enhancement to Search Quality Rater Guidelines

Vocal search through Google Assistant is becoming increasingly more popular. Therefore, a means for evaluating the relevance and quality of audio search results was a necessary addition. Google released the guidelines for rating the eyes-free voice assistant based on needs met and quality of speech.

Removal of Review Extensions

Google is soon to be removing review extensions and along with their performance reports. If you are currently making use of this feature, you may want to log into Adwords to download a copy of your performance report for recording purposes which is located in the Ads and Extensions page within the Extensions section.

Videos on Google My Business

In Google My Business, both business owners and customers can load 30-second videos. This may potentially be of benefit to your business if you receive positive feedback by customers or post helpful content that could encourage prospective customers to pursue you.

Screen-grab of the google my business video folder

Return of Webmaster Video Series

Previously called the “Webmaster Video Series,” Google launched “SEO Snippets,” a video series that answers the most popular or common questions that are asked within the Webmaster Forum. So, if you want quick answers to your SEO related questions, these 1-2-minute videos are ideal.

Premium YouTube Content on Google Preferred

Google will now be posting premium video content on Google Preferred after careful review has taken place. This means that advertisers will be able to team up their content with popular or high performing media content like a YouTube video.

Looking for More Help?

Give us a call at Brave River Solutions, we can help you adapt your business to the many new changes that Google is in the process of enacting. Our search engine marketers would be obliged to work with you in revamping your SEOcontent, and advertising strategies.

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