Avoid Unsafe Practices in the Digital Workplace

How to Avoid Unsafe Practices in the Workplace | Data Security

Your business has confidential information that is not meant to be shared or accessed by outsiders, we recognize that. Despite that fact, many businesses experience a compromise of data due to unsafe daily practices. “How can I prevent this from happening,” you ask? Excellent question. The first step is expanding your awareness by understanding what practices are occurring and why.

Quick Facts

A shocking statistic to note is that small to mid-sized companies experience higher employee participation in unsafe practices than large companies. Regardless of company size, each instance ultimately intensifies risk for data breaches and should not be overlooked.

  • 72% of surveyed employees stated that they would release confidential company information

This percentage has been broken down into the circumstances in which employees would be willing to disclose such information:

  • 23% – Low risk, high benefit
  • 22% – Allows more efficient work procedures to occur
  • 13% – Allows more efficient work procedures to occur for the person receiving the data

Other occurrences of unsafe practices include:

  • Engagement in practices that are not approved by the business
  • Willingness to connect to public Wi-Fi to retrieve confidential business data
  • Use of a personal e-mail address to carry out work related functions
  • Loss of a company distributed device

What can I do?

Though not in every instance, previously expressed may result in a breach of data or a phishing attack, the risk increases if these practices continue to go unnoticed. Now that you have a more in-depth understanding of unsafe business practices, consider the following:

  • Establishing a clear set of security protocols to encourage employees in preventing such incidents from occurring
  • Establishing a cybersecurity training
  • Strengthening/Updating your IT security

That’s where we come in! If you want to keep data confidential, we have advanced training to employ advanced measures for security onto your business devices and networks. Give us a call!


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