Branding with Photography

How to Use Photography to Enhance Your Business Brand

Ever consider how you can take the brand presence of your business to the next level?

Custom photography sets the stage for the relationship between your clients/customers and business. Think about it—would you rather engage with a company that displays no personality, or the people behind the work they do, or a company that is transparent, showcases their team, and the way they do business?

How Photography Can Enhance My Business

Encouraging users to engage with your brand becomes all the more possible when you incorporate custom photography into your advertising materials.

Bringing photography into your business can not only establish an emotional connection with your audience at a stronger degree than any text could, but it proposes a visual representation of your brand to create more impactful resonance.

Photography conveys meaning and feelings, in such a way that text alone could not do for human—after all, a picture can tell a thousand words. When photography becomes one with your advertising efforts, you can begin capturing attention while helping your audience actually visualize and understand your products, services, or brand.

Brand Your Business With Photography

Brave River utilizes custom photography to further communicate our brand and culture to not only prospective clients, but current clients, potential employees, and the community. Through photography, we can shine a light on what it truly means to be a part of Team BRS, focusing in on what goes on behind-the-scenes.

Incorporating a color scheme and photo editing style also contributes to the overall recognition of a brand. At BRS, we endeavor to feature blue and neutral undertones to coincide with our logo and business color palette. Brand association is important, especially when trying to connect with your audience and leave a lasting impact.

The Role of Photography in Advertising

Advance your marketing and advertising efforts. With photography, you can modernize your approach to attracting new customers while also engaging with current ones.

The top 4 actions that photography plays a role in are as follows:

  1. Capturing attention
  2. Streamlining understanding
  3. Eliciting emotion
  4. Encouraging action

Let’s put this into perspective…

CAPTURE ATTENTION – You’re scrolling through Facebook and the sea of status updates after you’ve given up on your search for a top-notch web designer. And then, BAM—a gorgeous shot of folks collaborating over a killer design.

STREAMLINE UNDERSTANDING – In that instance, you know that you’ve come across a web design company without reading a single word.

ELICIT EMOTION – You then examine the photo further, and begin to think of the possibilities of working with a team that appears to love the work they are doing. You want to work with a team of real people, not some guy in his mother’s basement.

ENCOURAGE ACTION – From that point, you feel compelled to look into the company further because of how aspirational the photo was of the two web designers studiously working, and feel confident in following up with a company that you have now established an initial connection with.

It’s Time to Step Up Your Marketing

We see photographs each and every day, but below their surfaces are underlying messages to be used to your advantage within marketing material.

Why utilize custom photography in your marketing plan? Well…

  • High quality imagery will enhances user experience
  • Sets your business apart from competitors
  • Showcases your business’ individuality
  • Contributes to brand association
  • Allows potential customers/clients to put a face to your brand
  • Tells a visual, personalized story of your business
  • Can increase opportunities for your business to be found online
  • Puts your best foot forward in representing your company

Set your business apart from competitors and take the next step in your marketing journey this upcoming year. At Brave River, our Marketing Specialists and Photographer will team up with you to craft the ultimate photo plan to integrate within marketing material. Give us a call, and set up a consultation to get started on your journey with BRS – 401-828-6611


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