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The newly launched website tracks junior alpine racing results and helps to simplify the registration process.

Warwick, RI – February 28, 2015 – Brave River Solutions helped to create, a new, mobile-ready website that helps parents of alpine racers organize their children’s data. is targeted for parents of alpine ski racers under the age of 21 who compete in the United States. Currently, races taking place in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts are available for tracking on, but expanded coverage is planned as the site moves out of its beta phase. It was designed for optimal viewing on mobile phones so that parents and spectators can track the racers and analyze their stats even as they stand mountain-side on race days.

The website aggregates race information from multiple sources, such as coaches, registration sites, race clubs and ski mountains, and puts all the data on one, easy-to-access site. Data from is used to provide a real-time race reporting system that records the skiers’ rank, bib numbers, names, class, clubs, teams and results/times as the race occurs.

“As race parents, we realized folks should spend less time worrying about what they didn’t know and more time tuning skis! To that end, we created to ease the info burden on everyone in the sport,” said Ned May of “You can track individual athletes and your entire team while sorting and filtering race data to see the exact results you want any time.”

Parents and guardians can “claim” their child athlete(s), which lets them follow that skier’s updates, see where upcoming races are occurring, and receive alerts when the athlete is at the starting gate. The site also allows users to view stats and results for races that have occurred in the past, save races for easy comparison, track competitors and follow other racers on their child’s team. When searching for or viewing results, the data can be sorted by multiple attributes, such as class, ski club or type of race.

In addition to race results, other information that can be conveyed via includes registration/bib pick-up locations, directions to the mountain, and any special announcements or updates from the hosting club. “The site is was developed to be more than just a results tracking widget. It’s a way to consolidate all relevant alpine race information and communicate the pertinent details to parents,” said Ernie Gaines, President of Brave River Solutions. “We built on a scalable framework so that it’s ready to grow and expand along with the needs of mountains, ski clubs and, most importantly, the site users.”

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