How a Content Management System (CMS) Can Improve Website SEO


A content management system (CMS) is a backend website publishing tool that is used to add, edit, manage, and publish website content in an organized fashion. With the use of a Brave River Solutions’ CMS, your staff can easily update words, images, and media on your website as needed — without having any specialized software or knowledge of programming.

The simplest answer as to how a Content Management System can improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your website is that it makes it super-simple to keep your site content fresh and up-to-date. 
Search engines reward websites with regularly updated content by giving them higher rankings in search results. Websites that add new pages more frequently are likely to be rated with higher freshness scores than websites with content that has been left untouched for great lengths of time.
As your company moves forward with new projects and advancements, your website should continuously reflect those changes. You’ll want to ensure that current happenings are kept in the forefront. A section for highlighting scrolling news, press release articles, and upcoming events can be included on your homepage to spark interest, linking to more detailed calendar information and full-length articles. These are examples of enhanced functionality that can be built into your customized Brave River CMS, making those kinds of features simple to implement.
A blog-posts is another great way to feed search engines with new content, and a blog-posts encourages interaction and customer feedback as well. New entries can be added on an ongoing basis, and discussion is generated through the use of a comment system. With a robust CMS in place, this area can be moderated and website content can be instantly edited anytime, from any computer.
Most importantly for SEO, Content Management Systems automate much of the repetitive work behind good SEO techniques­ like creating keyword-rich custom URLs, customizable page headings, and sitemaps.
Built in tools in a CMS make it easy to upload and handle images too. There’s no need to learn HTML to add alternative text labels (alt tags) which also help to enrich website content for search engines.
Brave River’s team of Rhode Island web designers and developers can help you create a high-quality website that meets your unique business needs. And our Rhode Island SEOs are nothing but professional. How up-to-date is your website content? With a Brave River CMS, you can easily incorporate search engine optimization techniques throughout your site. You’ll not only make a greater overall impression to your customers, but you’ll have a better shot at making your business stand out from the competition.



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