How to Clear Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards Cache on Demand

How to the Fix Facebook Open Graph Image Caching Problem

Wrong image open graph
Why is Facebook Open Graph Pulling the Wrong Information?
So, you posted a link to a blog-posts post you wrote and you see the wrong featured image, or an outdated title and meta description. Why is Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards showing the old / incorrect information?Where is this data coming from? In this post, you will learn how to make sure Facebook and Twitter are pulling the most up-to-date information from your or anyone else site. You will also learn how to use this method in bulk with multiple pages/posts at one time.

What’s Causing Facebook Open Graph to Show Wrong Images and Information?

In one word, caching. Social media networks use schema 90-like Open Graphs to pull information so that your Facebook / Twitter feeds load quickly. This also saves them on server resources, but at the same time, gives blog-postsgers and marketers headaches.

How Do I Clear Facebook Open Graph Caching?

Open graph is used for creating an all-around beautiful “introduction card” of a blog-posts post, product page, or anything else. As you know it pulls information like the page title, image, and description. It also saves on character limits with certain social media. Here are how to make sure that all your information is correct before posting to the world.

Scrape again open graph
Facebook Sharing Debugger

  1. Go to the debugger tool:
  2. Paste the URL of your blog-posts post / product page / webpage into the tool.
  3. Click Debug
  4. Click the ‘Scrape Again’ button.
  5. Click “Fetch New Information’

You should see the Facebook share preview showing you the information that was pulled as well as errors you may need to correct.

Fetch new information
Facebook Batch Invalidator

  1. Go to the Batch Invalidator tool:
  2. Click Batch Invalidator
  3. Paste the URL of your blog-posts posts / product pages / webpages into the tool.
  4. Click Debug
  5. Click View Details
  6. Click ‘Scrape Again’ Button
  7. Do this for every URL that you entered in the debugger

Facebook Debugger / Twitter Cards not working?

To take care of this pesky problem try changing the filename of the image(s) you are trying to update.

How Do I Clear Twitter Cards Caching?

  1. Go to the Twitter Card Validator tool:
  2. Paste the URL of your blog-posts post / product page / webpage into the tool.
  3. Click Preview Card
Twitter card validator

Linkedin Open Graph

Having trouble with LinkedIn not pulling the correct information? I simple trick is to add a parameter to the end of the URL.



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