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Getting people to fill out the “Contact Us” form on your website is the first step in getting them to do business with your company. To increase the chances of your website visitors following through, it’s important to ensure that you’ve done all you can to make that connection. Smart design, effective calls-to-action, and a simplified process can make all the difference.

Methods for Success

Consider the following to increase your chances of success:

  • Call-to-Action: Tell your visitors what you would like them to do next. (Sign up, call, enter, etc.)
  • Eye-catching Buttons: Sometimes differentiating the contact button through design elements or color can be effective. Experiment with a bold or bright color for the button with plenty of surrounding white space. Position it prominently. You want the contact button to be easily found.
  • Various Methods for Contact: phone, email, live chat, form submission, etc.
  • Special Offers: (white paper, free report, downloadable coupon, etc.) in exchange for contact information.
  • Show Your Personality: Sometimes using a humorous greeting line or an entertaining graphic on your form page can increase the chances of visitors clicking through.
  • Be specific: For example, rather than using a sentence instructing, “Leave a message,” try “Describe your project.”
  • Don’t Ask for too Much Information: Name, email, and message are enough in most cases. The more fields that are required, the less likely it will be that people will follow through.
  • Form Completion Message: Confirm that your form submits properly. Give notification of some kind telling the user that their information was received, such as bringing them to a “Thank You” page.

Pay attention to overall design and the flow of all information presented on your website. A well-organized website enables visitors to absorb content in a natural progression, learning about what you have to offer and then taking action. Action links should go at the end of your navigation. These go to pages meant to prompt a response from users.

Be creative, but keep in mind that a well-designed contact page needs visual structure, a thoughtful hierarchy of form elements, and smooth functionality to be effective. Keep it simple in format to eliminate confusion, and it’s more likely that your audience will want to communicate with you.

Looking for more help?

Through conversion rate optimization (CRO) we can analyze your website to increase the number of people that follow through on a desired action. At Brave River Solutions, we provide this service as well as various other internet marketing strategy and management services. For more information, complete the on-page contact form or give us a call today at 401-828-6611.

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