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Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 8, is vastly different from its predecessors, optimized for touch screen devices and styled with tiles displaying programs, apps, and content. Released in 2012, this operating system heavily favors touch screen devices, rightfully designed with them in mind as they have become the cornerstone of mobile phones, tablets, and even laptops. The majority of phones today have touch screens and, since the release of Windows 8, every major manufacturer of PCs has added a touch screen model to its product line. According to data from DisplayBank (a division of market research company IHS), the number of touch screen laptops sold increased by 51.8% in just one quarter of 2013. This number is continually increasing as more improved devices with touch screens hit the market and prices decrease across the market with inexpensive options enticing the price-conscious consumers.

Bearing in mind the proliferation of touch screen devices of all different shapes and sizes, one thing to consider is how your website displays when browsing on various devices. There are countless ways that your audience can access your website, including browsing on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, utilizing different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Many websites encounter issues, namely with menu functionality, when browsing using a number of device, operating system, and browser combinations. One common problem is that menu sub-items do not display at all, limiting the content your audience can see, ultimately restricting their access to both your website and your business.

A key indication of a good website is that it displays properly regardless of what device, browser, and operating system your audience may be using. Brave River Solutions’ custom websites do exactly that through responsive design technology. Responsive design optimally displays your website on any device, regardless of size, through one flexible layout. The website automatically fits to the screen of the device, eliminating the need for frustrating zooming and panning on touch screen devices. With the number of touch screen devices of various sizes and capabilities on the rise, it is of the utmost importance to make sure your website is tailored to all of them, and therefore, all of your audience members. Responsive design is equipped to handle every device imaginable.

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